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Christopher Lee

In honor of our hometown boys, the Atlanta Falcons, Robbie and the guys wrote a new song and pitched it to Bailey and Southside. Major BIG special thanks to them for playing it for us this morning! Go ROCK 100.5 FM! Please help us make a lasting impression by liking the song on our Facebook page and sharing with all your friends! Reach out to Bailey and Southside at Rock 100.5 FM and let them know you want to hear it! They are trying to find something to pitch to the Atlanta Falcons so they can get behind it!

"Rise Up!"

Lee, Lee, VanBuskirk

Rise up
We're gonna finish what we started
We won't be taken
We won't be shaken
Rise up
This brotherhood won't be parted
Take your best shot tonight (We won't be taken)
We're not leaving without a fight (We won't be shaken)
We're gonna rise up
Rise up together again!
These southern boys will set this town alight
From Atlanta onto Houston