On this day, September 11, 2001 we remember forever as the day so many souls perished in the attack on our nation. Not only did the Twin Towers fall but the Pentagon was also hit as well as flight 93 crashing in Pennsylvania as it was headed for the White House. We are forever grateful to the heroes who helped save the lives of many on this day. May the Lord Jesus bless this nation and keep us forever in His grip.

We are excited to announce the first HOT show of 2020!

HouseOfThomas performing at Liberty Hill Baptist Church

The band will be giving away a Fender Squire Stratocaster after the show on August 31!

HouseOfThomas performing at Liberty Hill Baptist Church

Congratulations to Brian Pugh on winning the guitar giveaway at Liberty Hill!

Robbie Lee performing with fireworks in background

HOUSEOFTHOMAS will be performing at the South Camp this year in Talladega. Although we are very disappointed to see the band depart from the North Camp after so many years, we are excited to announce that they will still be at the raceway!

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